Physical Fitness Requires Mindful Attention Of 5 Components.

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Welcome to FitnessTempo! If you've been struggling with physical fitness, and getting fit, and are totally confused by all the conflicting exercise routines and supplements out there, and just want to know how to achieve whole body fitness as quickly and easily as possible, you are in the right place.

True fitness is about getting your whole body in synch - it's about finding your body's own unique tempo and aligning your exercise and nutritional goals to achieve the highest level of fitness health and fitness training possible. Everyone is different, and this means there is no 'one size fits all, guaranteed to work' fitness program. You have to become attuned to your body and bring all parts of your routine to focus on your ultimate goal; a healthy body and a trim, toned physique.

. Are you ready to throw out the preconceived notions spouted by all the fitness gurus you've seen on TV?

. Are you ready to stop jumping on every new 'fitness gadget' that shows up on the store shelves?

. Are you tired of spending a fortune on gym memberships that never seem to live up to your expectations?

. Are you willing to learn how to take care of your overall health first, knowing that fitness will follow?

If you are ready to commit to true whole body fitness, FitnessTempo is for you!

FitnessTempo is dedicated to providing you with up to date, useable information covering physical fitness, fitness training, and overall health. We are devoted to helping you be mindful and stay connected to your fitness and health goals - not only to achieve them, but to maintain them for life.

Physical fitness is an ongoing journey. Our purpose is to help you stay focused on your health and fitness goals through social interaction with other people who share your dream. You can work together to encourage and support each-other during your journey. You can also stay connected with your goals through a subscription to the FitnessTempo ezine, as well as our constantly updated library of articles, exercises, reviews, and health and fitness tips.

The Benefits of a Health and Fitness Program

There are five main components that make up a whole body health and fitness regimen. Each one has specific benefits, which applied together can boost you to new levels of fitness and health.

. Cardiovascular fitness increases the strength of your heart, enabling you to do more and feel stronger. If you are out of breath after a single flight of stairs, or tend to circle the parking lot five times looking for a space near the store entrance, you may need seriously beef up your cardiovascular system.

. Muscular endurance means being able to do what you love better, and for longer periods of time. Wouldn't it be great to be able to play a full eighteen holes, or swim more than a lap without aching all over? Increasing muscular endurance can let you do things you've written off simply because you're 'not in good enough shape'.

. Muscle strength is important too. It's embarrassing to have to call someone else into the kitchen to get the lid off the peanut butter, isn't it? If you worry about throwing out your back every time you pick up a small child, you need to build up your muscle strength.

. Muscle flexibility is one of the most often ignored factors in whole body fitness. Being as strong as an ox doesn't count for much if you can't bend and stretch. Increasing your muscle flexibility will improve your joint and ligament health and make it easier to do almost everything!

. Body composition takes into account what your body is made of - are you heavy on fat and light on muscle? Maybe you have big bones, or are shorter or taller than average. Many fitness websites confuse you by oversimplifying body composition and throwing around numbers and acronyms like BMI and WHR. At FitnessTempo, we help you look at yourself as an individual with individual needs instead of a statistic, and show you how to alter your body composition for optimal health and fitness.

Keeping fitness in the front of your mind is key to achieving your goals. From eating healthy to daily fitness training, if you don't think about it constantly, you'll forget to follow through. That doesn't mean your health is unimportant to you (most people would choose good health even over incredible wealth) - it just means that in today's busy, overloaded lifestyle we sometimes lose sight of the important things.

FitnessTempo is here to help. When you sign up, you gain access not only to our extensive whole body fitness library, but you join a community of other people just like you. When you subscribe to our ezine, you'll get monthly exercise and fitness tips, healthy recipes, and the lowdown on the latest body-building machines and supplements. Sign up for our automatic emails, and get weekly motivation and encouragement. Take a moment and fill out the form below. Thank you for taking the time to visit Fitnesstempo and come back often for your fitness needs.

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