Aerobics Classes

by John
(Elgin, IL)

If you enjoy working out in a group, then aerobics classes are for you! They are groups of usually 10 to 20 students led by one instructor. The instructor will lead you through different moves to follow, and the workout routine is performed to upbeat music. The biggest challenge with aerobics classes is to choose which one to go to, because there are classes for almost anything!

Bootcamp Style Aerobics Classes

These classes are often set up in a circuit training style, with bursts of high intensity cardio alternating with weight bearing exercises. The classes are sometime performed outdoors, using things such as hills, park benches, tree trunks, and even playground equipment in the workout! This is normally a tough workout but the instructor keeps you challenged with new activities all of the time, so it is a fun workout program! This type of aerobic class will definitely push your limits, and you will see results quickly. You will also likely make new friends, as these workouts often have you working with a partner or in groups.

Dance Style Aerobics Classes

If you enjoy dancing or moving to the beat of the music, then there are different types of dance classes that you can take. Jazz, funk, top 40, tribal.... any style you can think of there is probably a class that you can try out. You can even learn how to dance like the back up dancers in music videos! You will be having so much fun that it won't even feel like a workout. This is a great way to try something new, and the moves that you learn you can use the next time you are out on the town dancing!

Martial Arts Style Aerobics Classes

For more aggressive types, a martial arts class may be your thing. Kickboxing is a popular aerobics style class, where you do punches, kicks, and other self-defense moves in a beat to the music. These classes are normally more about the workout than about having proper form, but it is a great stress reliever and an excellent all over body toning workout.

Classic Aerobics Classes

These classes are still around for a reason: they are easy to follow, they get results, and people enjoy them! There is the more advanced step class, where the movements are performed on and around a small step, or there is the regular class, which does not use a step.

Usually these classes do not use complicated moves, but follow basic routines that keep your heart rate high and your body moving.

Fusion Aerobics Classes

A new type of aerobics class blends mind body exercises such as yoga, Pilates, and tai chi, with cardio components. These classes offer a full body workout as well as a stress relieving section. Fusion classes adhere to the philosophy that stress causes weight gain among most other illnesses, so to reduce stress is an important part of any workout routine.

With so many types of aerobics classes to choose from, you are sure to find at least one that you enjoy. And by signing up for a series of classes, you will feel accountable and will be less likely to skip your workout!

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