Anaerobic Threshold. What Does It Mean For You?

The anaerobic threshold is the point when a person is doing very intense exercise, and where their heart rate reaches 90 to 95% of their maximum heart rate. This is often achieved by doing cicuit training that involves low intensity weights or cardio interspersed with short periods of high intensity cardio. These high intensity cardio periods generally last for a maximum of 30 seconds. Performing a workout routine that combines high and low intensity cardio is one of the best ways to ensure that you achieve a high amount of calories burned . Low intensity cardio or even moderate intensity cardio that is performed at a steady rate results in a minimal amount of calories burned.

How Do I Know When I Have Reached My Anaerobic Threshold?

Often, athletes will wear a heart rate monitor . This measures how many times their heart beats per minute (bpm). The user enters in their age, weight, and fitness level; from that information the monitor can calculate their anaerobic threshold. This is useful for running workouts and for improving your endurance during marathon training By bringing your body into and out of its anaerobic threshold, this increases your endurance and also increases your VO2 max .

The V02 max is an excellent indicator of an athlete's level of fitness. It is the point where you are exercising as intensely as possible without getting out of breath. The better shape a person is in, the higher their V02 max will be. For marathon training it is essential to have a high V02 max because that means that the athlete will be able to run faster for longer, and then have a better final time!

How Do I Increase My Health?

Circuit training is the most effective way to reach your threshold as well as to increase your V02 max. This can be done by the following example running workout. Using a heart rate monitor is very helpful to determine your bpm.

5 minutes: Warm up at a low to moderate pace at 50 to 60% of your maximum heart rate, or if you do not have a monitor then this is a pace where you can easily carry on a conversation.

2 minutes: Jog at 70% of your maximum heart rate. At this pace you can speak in short sentences but it would be difficult to carry on a conversation.

30 seconds: Run at 90% of your maximum heart rate. This is an all out run, as fast as you can go, speaking is not possible.

Repeat the jog and run sequence 8 times. Finish with a 5-minute cool down.

Runners often find training more enjoyable by listening to running music There are specific songs online that you can download that have fast beats to motivate you. You will likely find circuit training difficult at first, but with practice it will get easier and you will get fast results.

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