How Do Body Building Supplements Work?

Knowing how body building supplements work is the first step in understanding how to use them responsibly. Body building can increase your fitness and strength and provide a toned physique.

This doesn't come in a pill, sports drink or power bar. It comes from using a sensible diet plan along with a specific and intensive exercise regimen. That said, the right kind of supplements along with a sensible fitness nutrition plan can help boost your body's ability to achieve your goals.

Types of Body Building Supplements

Protein. A high protein diet combined with the right kind of exercise can help build muscle fast. There are many protein shakes and bars on the market, many of which contain high concentrations of whey protein, which provides muscles with amino acids. As long as protein intake does not exceed one gram per pound of body weight per day, protein is a safe body building supplement.

Vitamins. A good multivitamin can help your body counteract the added strain to the system caused by the implementation of a strenuous bodybuilding program. Look for a vitamin that promises absorption by the body – otherwise you are simply feeding yourself pills that will dissolve but leave the vitamins suspended in your system, to pass through and be eliminated.

Creatine. This is a supplement that stimulates the uptake of amino acids, increasing muscle growth. Supplements such as these are considered extremely safe, and very effective when combines with vitamins and protein to build muscle without unwanted side effects.

Amino acid supplements. These are generally provided in pill form, to be taken shortly before engaging in muscle building workouts. Amino acids are in foods you eat as well as occurring naturally in your body, so these supplements are also considered safe.

Dangerous 'Supplements'

Anabolic steroids are not body building supplements, and should never be used as such. These products may enhance performance momentarily, but can have extremely adverse long term effects, such as liver damage and heart enlargement. Anabolic steroids often affect the reproductive system as well, causing irreversible damage to the associated organs.

Supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and therefore are not subject to intensive testing to determine safety and efficacy. Any supplements claiming to increase your muscle mass dramatically in an extremely short period of time may be dangerous. Research perspective body building supplements carefully, and consult with a doctor if you are unsure as to the safety of any particular product. Even with approved natural bodybuilding supplements, follow the directions exactly and do not take more than the recommended amount.

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