Build Muscle And Get The Ripped Body You’ve Always Wanted

Are you ready to build muscles and get the bulk, strength, and definition you’ve always wanted? Today, the well toned look is in for both men and women. Muscular strength is also a core part of any well balanced fitness routine. This means it’s time for you to learn how to grow your muscles quickly, safely, and effectively.

How Muscle Is Built

To build muscle mass, you need to do resistance training that pushes your body to its limits. When you lift the heaviest weights you can, this actually causes tiny tears in your muscle tissue. That, combined with the buildup of lactic acid from anaerobic exercise is what causes you to feel some degree of pain during an intense bodybuilding session. Pushing through this barrier to the point of overload is key to getting the results you want.

When the tissue tears, it then has to heal and regenerate itself. During the recovery period after an intense weight lifting session, your body sends proteins, hormones (like testosterone and HGH), and other tissue building materials to the site of the “injury”. These all work together to build additional muscle to fill in the tiny gaps caused by the micro-tears.

Timing Is Critical

If you don’t allow time for this recovery period, you are defeating the purpose of your muscle building routine. So, it’s a good idea to start with weight training twice per week if you are new to this. Focus on cardiovascular fitness and flexibility on the other days since they are also important parts of your total fitness program. As you become stronger, you may be able to train with weights every 48 hours to build muscle faster.

Spend time on a variety of muscle groups in each workout. That way, you can ensure that your whole body is gaining the maximum amount of bulk. For example, you might do upper and lower body weight training in one workout with abs thrown in for good measure. Or, you might do upper body on one day one and lower body on another. This allows extra time for each muscle group to heal if you are just starting out.

Be Mindful Of Your Joints!

It’s important to distinguish between joint and tendon pain and muscle pain during this type of workout. Tearing your ligaments is not a good thing - they take a really long time to heal. Using good form when you are lifting is one way to protect your joints while lifting heavy weights to build muscle. Increasing your mobility and stability through yoga exercises or other types of flexibility training also helps.

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