Do The Calories Burned In A Workout Make Up For A Fast Food Meal?

Have you ever wondered just how many calories burned are achieved during your favorite workout? Or if you eat a decadent dessert, how long you would have to work out to get rid of those calories? What about how many calories burned just by living day to day without working out? An average 155 pound person burns 250 calories doing a running workout for 30 minutes. That is the equivalent of half of one Big Mac, without the fries and soft drink!

Sometimes it is helpful to think about how much work is involved to burn off the calories from junk food or unhealthy meal choices. Doing one hour of a weight lifting routine will burn approximately 300 calories. That is the amount of calories in a one cup serving of vanilla ice cream! A person weighing 155 pounds, who does no physical activity during the day should be able to maintain their weight when they consume 2200 calories per day. This may seem like a large number, but a full fast food meal with a burger, milkshake and fries comes in at a whopping 1800 calories! That only leaves 400 calories for the rest of the day before you go over your calorie limit and start GAINING weight!

Looking at these food examples, you can see that it takes a tremendous amount of effort to make up for poor food choices. It is easier to follow a healthy eating program and a moderate workout schedule than it is to eat junk food and try to make up for it by spending hours in the gym every day. And you will feel better by eating healthier food instead of junk food.

A good plan to make sure that the burning calories during your workout are from fat cells and not from extra food that you have eaten, is to monitor what you eat and keep track of the calories. This will let you know that if you indulge at lunch, dinner will have to be low calorie to make up for it, and you may want to add in an extra half hour of cardio to keep your calorie intake from causing you to gain weight. If you search online, you can find the calories for any food. It is helpful to make a short list of your favorite foods and how many calories they contain, especially the junk foods. That way when you do indulge, you will be exactly aware of how to make up for it.

Another good way to maximize the calories burned during your workout routine is to do circuit training which should cause you to reach your anaerobic threshold. This threshold level is when your heart is beating at 90 to 95% of its maximum beats per minute. This is when your body is working its absolute hardest and the maximum calories burned happen in this high intensity zone. This sort of training is tough but it gets results, and it helps to counter effect poor food choices!

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