Circuit Training Is Difficult But Worth It!

One of the most effective types of workout routines is called circuit training. This type of workout will make you maximize the calories burned in the shortest amount of time. It is a tough workout, but you will get great results if you can stick with it. Circuit training or (CT) involves doing different activities for short periods of time, resulting in muscle confusion and maximum fat loss. Muscle confusion is when the body does not know what to expect, this keeps the workouts interesting and the body working hard. A tip for making this intense workout more enjoyable is to wear an iPod that has upbeat dance music or running music on it. Then you can work out to an inspiring beat.

Cardio Circuit Training

One type of CT is all about cardio. It involves alternating high intensity cardio intervals with low intensity cardio intervals. Here is a typical beginner cardio CT program:

5 minutes – warm up at a pace that you can easily carry on a conversation

2 minutes – slow jog at a pace where you can talk but it is difficult

30 seconds – full out sprint, as fast as you can! Repeat the jog and sprint intervals six times. Work up to repeating the intervals twelve times.

This type of workout will likely get you to reach your anaerobic threshold , which is where your heart is beating at 90 to 95 percent of your maximum beats per minute. This is a high intensity fat burning zone which will cause you to lose weight and get a flat stomach fast!

Weights Circuit Training

Another type of CT is a weight lifting routine that incorporates cardio intervals into the lifting circuit.

This is a good way to keep the heart rate up and have more calories burned in a shorter period of time. Doing a short amount of cardio during your resting time between weight lifting sets also ensure that no time is wasted at the gym! Here is an example weight CT program:

• 5 minutes - Warm up with moderate cardio

• 15 reps Bicep curls

• 30 seconds on the bike

• 15 reps Bicep curls

• 30 seconds on the bike

• 15 reps Bicep curls

• 30 seconds on the bike

You can see that instead of the regular 30-second rest between sets, the 30 seconds is spent doing cardio on the bike. You can continue this method for the rest of your workout routine, doing cardio instead of resting between sets. Warm Up and Cool Down

When doing intense exercise such as CT, it is important to be sure to spend at least 5 minutes warming up with a moderate intensity activity. This gets the muscles loosened up and ready to work, and helps to prevent injuries from muscle strains.

The cool down is equally as important. 5 minutes of low intensity cardio such as walking is a good way to safely bring the heart rate down. Also, to prevent muscle soreness it is a good idea to stretch the muscles that you have worked.

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