Endurance Training Is Essential For Maximum Fitness

Endurance training isn’t just for long distance runners and triathlon competitors. Anyone starting a fitness routine can benefit from increasing their level of stamina. Part of raising your fitness endurance level involves improving cardiovascular and pulmonary function (heart and lungs). This system allows you to move oxygen efficiently throughout your body during aerobic exercise.

However, increasing muscular endurance requires some extra effort. It takes you from just getting a nice, brisk workout to really challenging your body and mind (without crashing afterward). Many training programs of this type involve working out on both sides of the line between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Once oxygen available to your muscles is fully depleted, exhaustion will occur rapidly. But, if you let your muscles “rest” by continuing with a vigorous but not overwhelming level of aerobic exercise between spurts of greater exertion, this effect can be limited.

Team Sports And Competition

Interval training that combines aerobic movement with short periods of intensive weight training is popular among people who are training for all types of team sports. This allows them to draw on extra reserves of endurance and strength when their teammates need them most. It is also beneficial in competitive individual sports like boxing. Here, staying on your toes and keeping moving for round after round is mixed with sudden demands for extreme power and speed.

Long Distance Exercisers

For marathoners and cyclists, endurance training may focus on keeping the exertion level high but remaining beneath the threshold where lactic acid builds up in the muscles. The goal is to stay in this “zone” for as long as possible. This takes not only good form and cardio health but a commitment to really be in the moment. It’s impossible to keep up this level of activity if you are distracted by thoughts like “How much longer until I can get out of here?” or “Did I remember to TiVo the latest episode of Lost?”

This steady stamina building forms the base of many good running and spinning programs. Interval training that mixes bursts of high speed with more sedate exercise may also be used to enhance muscular endurance even further in these activities.

What About You?

People at all fitness levels can use this type of endurance training model. It allows you to build a strong physical fitness foundation and good workout habits regardless of what type of aerobic exercise you choose. This includes dance, jazzercise, step aerobics, soccer, cycling, roller blading, you name it!

Using a heart rate monitor is a good way to gauge how hard you are working (as opposed to how hard you think you are working). This can motivate you to step up your game and start pushing your boundaries a little more each week. That way, you won’t get in a rut and start taking it too easy; but you also won’t overdo it and end up unable to move the next day.

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