Introduction to Exercise Training

Exercise training differs from simple 'exercise' in that it is structured – you don't jog when you feel like a jog, or lift some weights once in a blue moon and regret it for a week after as your back howls in protest. True exercise training requires commitment: commitment to fitness nutrition ; commitment to regular, daily exercise and commitment to a workout routine that targets all your body parts – not just one.

Start with chiseling out the time to exercise every day. Anyone can manage twenty minutes. Divide that time between stretching/warmup and either cardio or strength training or resistance training (alternate days for maximum effect).

After you have managed to go an entire month without missing a day, start adding in a second twenty minute workout on alternate days (add an extra cardio workout to your strength / resistance training

Eventually, you can up your game to two twenty minute sessions every single day.

As you improve your cardiovascular fitness , your ability to push your anaerobic threshold will increase, allowing you to do high intensity workouts. Use interval training to break up your workouts and help you push past muscle fatigue. Home exercise equipment can help you get your workout in even if you can't make it to the gym. You can target specific muscle groups to improve your core strength while getting a mild cardio workout at the same time. Abdominal workouts can tighten and tone your midsection when done regularly. Bicep workouts build muscle and strengthen your arms. Leg workouts result in more muscle mass and attractive calves.

Daily exercise will help you build up endurance, and the day will come when you don't want to stop exercising after just twenty minutes. Stretch your workout time to thirty minutes, then forty, and watch your abilities and strength increase as your body slims and firms. Follow a sensible diet with safe, natural supplements added to boost muscle growth and energy.

You can reach your bodybuilding goals by giving proper attention to your diet and using targeted, consistent exercise training to increase endurance and sculpt your muscles. You'll be amazed at the differences you'll see in just a few short months!

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