Flat Stomach

by John
(Elgin, IL)

When people go to see a trainer, one of their main goals is to have a flat stomach. They think that they can achieve this by simply doing stomach exercises such as sit ups every day. This is not true. While working your abs can give you definition, it will not make you have a flat stomach. To get a flat stomach you must lose belly fat, follow a healthy eating plan, improve your posture, and strengthen your back muscles along with your abs.

Lose Belly Fat

To lose the layer of fat to get a flat stomach, a workout program that includes cardio exercise is necessary. Try circuit training for the most calories burned in the least amount of time. This involves alternating short periods of high intensity cardio such as sprints, with longer periods of lower intensity cardio. This type of training is difficult and tiring but it is very effective to help you lose belly fat.

If you prefer a different type of workout routine, there are many others to choose from such as swimming workouts, running workouts, gym workouts, home workouts, and aerobics classes. As long as you are getting your heart pumping, you are getting the benefits that you want!

Healthy Eating Plan

Healthy eating is important for two reasons: First, you need to eat healthy foods and cut out junk foods to lose weight. Following a good eating plan is essential to dropping weight and having enough energy to get through your workouts. You can look online or in cookbooks to get some ideas for healthy recipes. It is easy to make healthier versions of your traditional family favorites!

Second, eating healthy foods will prevent you from being bloated. Our body gets bloated when it is reacting to poor food choices. When we eat properly, we will have a flat stomach that is not bloated and feeling icky. Taking digestive enzymes with meals will also help to improve digestion. If you feel bloated and constipated often, then you are likely not getting enough fiber or drinking enough water. The f factor diet is a great weight loss plan that includes a high amount of fiber.

Improve Your Posture

One of the easiest and quickest way to have a flat stomach and to look 5 to 10 pounds thinner, is to stand up straight! Look at yourself sideways in a mirror, and notice how much flatter your stomach looks when you stand straight. Pull your shoulders back, and tuck in your tummy and your butt. Try to imagine that you are standing in a very narrow space between two walls. You can also try a model trick, which is to walk around your house with a hardcover book on your head. This is very effective at teaching you what it feels like to have perfect posture. Look in magazines at celebrities and actors. They all have perfect posture. That is one of the reasons that they always look amazing!

Back And Stomach Exercises

It is important to do the traditional situps to tone your abs, but it is also important to do back exercises to keep your body in balance. Having a strong back is essential for good posture, and to help keep your stomach muscles tucked in. Also, having a strong back will help to protect you from injuries when you are playing sports or working out.

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