A Home Workout Plan To Save You Money

A home workout is the choice for many these days. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym, or can even afford to go to the gym in today's economy. Many people are choosing to workout at home instead. Working out at home can be just as effective as going for a gym workout. And there is no excuse for missing a workout because you have everything right in front of you!

What Do You Need For Your Home Workout?

Initially, you need nothing! That's right, you can do body weight exercises that are effective and provide great results. Eventually you will likely want to purchase some basic equipment. The first thing you should get is a yoga mat. You can use this for stretching as well as practicing yoga. Next you should purchase a jump rope . This is a great tool to use for cardio, both indoors and out. You can also easily take it with you when you travel. After that, it is up to you where you want your workouts to head. If you like to do workout videos, there are many excellent videos on the market such as the P90X series. If you prefer to do your own workout routines, then investing in some hand weights may be a good idea. If you are just starting out with a weight lifting routine then you can even use soup cans or any household materials as weights until you get stronger. Be creative!

How To Design Your Own Home Workout Routine

The best way to maximize the calories burned while building muscle is to use a technique called muscle confusion . This involves always changing your workout routines so that the muscles do not get used to any one exercise. An example home routine would be:

• 5 minutes: Jump rope to warm up and burn calories

• 15 pushups

• 15 squats

• 15 tricep dips

• 15 lunges

• 15 situps

Go back to the top using the jump rope and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

The next time you work out, change the routine to keep your muscles guessing. An example of a different home workout routine would be:

• 5 minutes: Use a speed bag to warm up and burn calories

• 15 lateral raises with weights

• 15 plie squats

• 15 bicep curls

• 15 donkey kicks

• 15 reverse crunches

Go back to the top using the speed bag and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

These two routines can be switched back and forth between for 6 weeks. After that amount of time, you will likely be stronger so it will be time to change the routine with different exercises. Try more advanced versions of the exercises or add heavier weights.

The Ideal Home Workout Plan

Ideally you will do a combination of workout videos along with your own workout plan. Do your weights workout routine 3 times per week, and do a workout video of your choice 2 times per week. You can choose anything from yoga to boot camp style workout videos, the key is to have variety. This is an intense training schedule, but if you follow it you will have amazing results in no time, all without going to the gym!

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