Your Ideal Weight Is About More Than The Numbers

Do you have an ideal weight in mind for yourself? Losing weight is the most common reason folks start a new exercise regimen.

For many people, reaching that number on the scale is viewed as the single most important fitness goal. This can be counterproductive. If you don’t meet your weight loss goals quickly and easily you may be tempted to just give up.

Think this won’t happen to you? Look around at all the people who jump on the fitness bandwagon every January as a New Year’s resolution. By April most will have given up and returned to their old habits. If you don’t find your fitness tempo, this can easily happen to you too. It’s best to have lots of different motivations to keep working out.

Consider These Benefits:

Regular exercise lowers your risk of developing chronic health conditions like:

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure



When you maintain physical fitness, you also:

Reduce your risk of dying young

Increase the number of healthy years you will enjoy

Keep osteoporosis and the risk of bone fractures to a


Maintain greater flexibility, strength, and independence

as you get older

Working out is also fantastic for:

1. Improving your mood

2. Giving you more energy

3. Restoring your libido

4. Helping you sleep better

5. Keeping your skin fresh and youthful

6. Boosting your metabolism

7. Giving your body a toned, defined look

Posting this list of benefits on your fridge is an awesome way to boost your dedication to personal fitness.

What Is Your Ideal Weight?

OK, now that you’re psyched about getting fit for all the right reasons, we can return to talking about your weight. Keep in mind that the body mass index

(BMI) calculation is only a very general guideline. Figure out your body composition to give you an idea of your current fat to muscle ratio. Use that percentage to help you determine how much fat you want to lose and how much muscle you want to build.

Remember that losing weight too fast can mean that you are actually burning muscle instead of fat. You want to end up with a smokin’ hot body that won’t keel over from being starved. That’s why combining exercise and sensible fitness nutrition is vital for reaching your ideal weight safely. Don’t put a rigid timeline on achieving this particular fitness goal. As long as you are moving in the right direction (with the occasional plateau) you are doing better than most of the population!

Ideal Weight to Fitnesstempo
Ideal Weight to Body Composition