Use Interval Training To Supercharge Your Fitness Routine!

Interval training is one of the most powerful ways you can work out. It gives you the benefits of cardio exercise while increasing your muscular endurance and burning fat for fuel. Mixing aerobic movement with short bursts of muscle building prepares you to reach ever higher fitness goals. This type of training can help you increase your anaerobic threshold. It also boosts your overall metabolism and plays an important role in weight loss.

Getting Started

Whether you want to increase sports performance, prepare for your first 5k, or just feel great about your progress, endurance training is essential for success. One of the most important things to remember is that the point of this physical activity is not to break your body, but to build it up. If you are just starting out, the “high intensity” periods of your workout should challenge you without making you feel like you are dying. Warm up before each session. Always allow adequate recovery time whenever you exceed your previous limits.

Examples You Can Use

Running/Jogging/Walking: Interval Training

First, warm up with brisk walking for 5-10 minutes

If you are a walker and want to pick up the pace, alternate 1 minute of walking with 30-60 seconds of jogging. Repeat 10 times.

• For joggers, try 1 minute of jogging and 30-60 seconds of running. Repeat 12-15 times.

• If you are a runner in pretty good shape, try 30 seconds of running and 30 seconds of sprinting. Repeat the intervals 20 times. Take 15 minute to cool down and stretch afterward. Each of those routines makes for a decent workout that you can do several times per week. You will need to do weightlifting/resistance training separately to build your upper body.

Weight Lifting/Aerobics: Circuit Training

First, warm up with some form of cardio for 5-10 minutes Do a quick round of dynamic stretching to loosen up your muscles even further (for example, arm circles and shoulder rolls).

30 seconds bicep curls (not quite at your maximum level of effort)

• Jump rope 1 minute

• 30 seconds lunges (as deep as you can go)

• Jump rope 1 minute

• 30 seconds pushups (as fast as you can)

• Jump rope 1 minute

• 30 seconds abdominals (high intensity)

• Jump rope 1 minute

• 30 seconds of squats (as low as you can go)

• Jump rope 1 minute

• 30 seconds lateral raises (not quite at your maximum level of effort)

Cool down and stretch for 10 minutes.

The circuit above is a very simple example for beginners. If you have a home gym or Bowflex equipment, you can focus on increasing the endurance of specific groups of muscles even more easily during interval training.

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