Marathon Training

by John
(Elgin, IL)

Are you motivated when someone says that they are in marathon training, or that they have just run a marathon? Less than 1 percent of the people in the world ever run a marathon! But with the proper training schedule, anyone can train for and enjoyably run a marathon! Many people would like to train for a marathon, but they lack the motivation or the knowledge of a workout schedule to train for this big event.

Most runners who complete a 26.2 mile marathon, report that the adrenaline rush and the sensational high that they feel is addicting! That is why many marathoners choose to continue running marathons, trying to beat their own time with each race that they run.

How To Prepare For Your First Marathon

In order to make your first marathon enjoyable and fun, you must start training both your body and your mind. Why do you want to run the marathon? For yourself? To get in better shape? Bragging rights? No answer is wrong, but it is important to determine what motivates you, so that you can draw on this motivation when you are feeling challenged.

It is also important to have a good pair of running shoes that are very comfortable and that fit your feet perfectly. Many specialty running stores have specially trained staff that can help you choose the best pair for your feet and stride. Be sure to let the staff know of your upcoming intense running workout schedule so that they can select the proper shoes for you.

Be sure that you are following a healthy eating program and drinking lots of water to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to perform this challenge and also to recover from the long runs.

The Training Method

You should give yourself at least 16 weeks to prepare for your first marathon. This will ease your body into long distance runs, and make the training process and the race itself much more enjoyable. You may also enjoy having upbeat running music on your iPod while you run. This makes the time pass faster and will give you motivation when you start to get tired.

You will be marathon training for 4 days a week, making sure to take the other 3 days as rest and recovery days. You can choose any days to be your running or rest days, but it helps to stick to a regular schedule.

For example, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday are running days, and Tuesday, Friday, Sunday are rest days. Start out running 3 miles the first day and see how easy or difficult it is for you. Work up to where you can run 3 miles without having to walk. Once you can do this you are ready to really start training!

Vary the distance you run each day. One day you could run 5 miles and the next day if you are very energetic you could run 8 miles! Keep track of the total weekly distances that you run, these weekly distances should be increasing each week as you build more endurance.

Choose one day a week to do a shorter run. On this run you will do circuit training, which is short sprints combined with lower intensity rest periods. During the sprints, you are trying to go as fast as you can to reach your anaerobic threshold. This is the point at which your heart is beating at 90 to 95 percent of its maximum beats per minute. Doing this exercise will strengthen your endurance and give you more speed.
If you follow this workout schedule you will be ready for a marathon in no time!

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