Muscle Confusion

by John
(Elgin, IL)

The most effective way to workout with the highest calories burned and the most fat loss is using a method called muscle confusion. This is when you are constantly doing new workout routines and new moves that shock your body. That way your body never plateaus and you never get bored! You can use muscle confusion in any part of your workout, from cardio to your weight lifting routine.

Muscle Confusion and Cardio

Mixing up your cardio not only produces better fat loss results, it also keeps you interested! If you normally do running workouts 3 times a week, try doing a swimming workout for one of those days instead of running. Your body will burn even more fat as it fights to get used to the changes, and doing different activities will work different parts of your body.

You can even use this technique within your current favorite workout. While you are running, you can use circuit training to alternate between high and low intensity. You could do 30 second sprints and use 90 second recovery times. The point is to not ever do the same thing repeatedly as your body adapts very quickly. Jogging for 30 minutes at a steady pace burns less calories than circuit training for 20 minutes! It is a winning situation to get better results in less time.

Muscle Confusion and Weights

Most weight lifters do the same weight lifting routine year after year. They do this because they are comfortable with the exercises, and it feels like they are getting a good workout without working too hard. But if you look at these people, they also physically look the same year after year. Doing the same thing over and over will get the same results.

It is easy and fun to mix up your workout program. There are two options: Option 1 is that you can stick with the same weekly routine for six weeks. It takes the body six weeks to adapt to a new routine. After that time, you will need to switch your entire workout routine to something new. This is the time when you will probably feel like you are just getting good at your workout routine. But that is a sign to switch it up! As soon as you start to feel comfortable then the results you are getting will decrease.

Option 2 is to do a different workout routine every time you work out. This can be difficult if you don't work out often enough to know that many exercises. A good way to get used to different workouts is to take some aerobics classes that incorporate weights into them. The instructor will keep each class new and different.

You can also do home workouts by using different workout videos each time you work out. A good home program that uses muscle confusion is the P90X series.
Whichever method you choose to use, remember that you are doing your mind and your body a favor by keeping things new and different. As you continue to work out you will develop more and more skills to get you closer to your fitness goals!

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