What Is Natural Body Building?

Success with natural body building depends on a thorough understanding of fitness, nutrition and the techniques which can be used to build muscle safely and effectively over time.

Natural bodybuilders use a combination of nutrition and exercise routines coupled with natural supplements and vitamins to achieve sculpted muscles, increased endurance and enhanced strength in a healthy, safe way.

Steps to Natural Bodybuilding

Diet. The diet of a natural bodybuilder will be high in protein, with a balanced amount of carbohydrates and fats. Protein shakes, bars and powders can be used to boost muscle growth. Smaller meals spaced out during the day are preferable to two or three major meals. Hydration is important, as is electrolyte replacement, making sports drinks and water an important part of the equation.

Exercise. A bodybuilder's routine will cover all parts of the body, and should be carried out several times a week. Intensive weightlifting, strength and resistance training can be combined with cardio workouts to increase stamina and strength as muscle is grown and sculpted. Legs can benefit from squats and lifts; the back from shrugs and pull ups; the chest from bench presses and dips; and the arms and shoulders from pull downs, curls and raises.

Supplements. Various supplements including protein, creatine and/or other amino acid boosters, and multiple vitamins and minerals can increase you ability to put on lean muscles fast. Care must be taken to only use safe, natural body building supplements ; anabolic steroids or human growth hormone use can cause serious complications and damage to your vital organs.

What to Avoid

Natural bodybuilding depends on proven scientific research, not claims made in magazines that are only trying to sell you the latest exercise machine or special 'bulk-up' supplement. There are no shortcuts to real bodybuilding – you have to take it one step at a time and bring your lifestyle and body into step with each other. It will take hard work and dedication, but you will see results if you commit to the right diet and a regular exercise regimen that pushes your boundaries and helps you break through to the next level.

If a regimen or supplement calls itself 'natural' but contains any potentially harmful substances, it is not really natural and should not be added to your routine. Be skeptical of claims that you can reach a perfect bulked up physique in mere weeks. Hard work to reach a goal will always take a bit longer than that – depending, of course, what shape you are in when you start. Use only safe, natural supplements and a sensible exercise program and you will reach your physical fitness goals soon enough.

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