Power Lifting Over 1000 Pounds!

Power lifting is similar to bodybuilding, but the desired end results are different. Power training is weight training to maximize the person's strength, specifically in the squat, bench press, and dead lift exercises. Bodybuilding is following a weight lifting routine that focuses on the way your muscles look and develop, with less emphasis on strength gains.

Power lifters train with very heavy weights and low reps. Often they enter competitions where they try to beat their personal best. The competitions feature the three exercises squat, bench press, and dead lift. Each competitor must complete one full rep of each exercise; they get three tries to complete their lift.

This is done in front of three judges and an audience. The pressure to perform on demand can sometimes make the lifter not perform their best. Most power lifters participate in as many competitions as they can, to get used to the pressure from being in the spotlight.

The competitions start out with squats with weights. A squat is an exercise where the person balances a barbell across their shoulders. They squat down as if sitting in a chair, until their thighs are parallel to the floor, and their knees form a 90-degree angle. They pause at the bottom of the squat, and then stand up straight. The competitor normally chooses a weight slightly heavier than they normally are able to do. The heaviest officially recorded squat weight in a competition is 1174 pounds!

The next part of the competition is the bench press. The competitor lays down on the bench and bench presses the barbell once. The bar must come down and touch the chest with control, and then be raised back up. The heaviest officially recorded bench press is 1075 pounds!

The last division is the dead lift; it shows how heavy of a barbell the competitor can lift. The barbells are so heavy that chalk is usually required on the hands to grip the bar! The competitor bends over with straight legs to grip the barbell, and then straightens up into a standing position. The arms and legs stay straight. The heaviest recorded dead lift is 925 pounds!

Why Power Lifting?

It is all about personal best. Even in the competitions, the competitors are more concerned with beating their personal best as opposed to winning the event. With power training you can always see results in strength gains, most lifters increase the weight that they use every single time that they go to the gym! It is described as an adrenaline rush to always lift heavier weights, so most power lifters stick to their workout schedule religiously.

Lifters also train together often, it is a social sport. When a person is bench pressing more than 1000 pounds they definitely need someone to spot them! It is also a very supportive community, the lifters motivate each other and everyone is happy when a lifter beats their personal best.

One thing that most lifters do not follow is a healthy eating plan. Because they are only focused on strength results and not the physical appearance of their muscles, they often neglect proper nutrition. This can be seen in their appearance, very few power players have six pack abs! For them, strength is more important than appearance.

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