What a Rowing Machine Can Do for Your Fitness Program

A rowing machine provides a specialized workout with benefits that few other fitness equipment are able to deliver. Consistent strength training, intensive cardio workouts and proper nutrition are key to whole body fitness, and this type of machine can supply an incredible workout, making up an important part of any fitness exercise program. The benefits of working out with a rowing machine include:

Core Strength Conditioning

Rowing machine workouts Home Gyms provide a high intensity aerobic workout that focuses on your core - from your shoulders and back around to your chest and straight into your abdominals. This conditioning of your core takes place with the rowing action, as many different sets of muscles stretch and bunch in unison. The effect is an enormous impact on your body building efforts, as core strengthening lays the foundation for more strength building in other parts of your body.

Why do you want your core to be strong? Without a solid core strength, you can injure yourself trying to exercise other parts of the body – you need muscle strength in your back, for instance, to effectively lift weights to sculpt your biceps. Your abs are part of your core, and one of the hardest spots to target, so anything that focuses on your core brings you one step closer to that six pack you desire.

Full Body Muscle Building

Rowing is a high resistance type of training, putting your upper body muscles through a serious workout. This provides a stable and highly functional core strength that can't be matched by even the most strenuous weightlifting regimen. Multiple muscles get a full workout and will begin to look defined, particularly in the arms, chest and abs.

In addition, your lower body benefits as the rowing machine force you to push off with your lower extremities during the rowing motion. This increases lower body strength and develops your leg muscles, although the results will be slower to appear than the upper body strength.

Calorie Burning Effects

A rowing machine can give you higher calorie burning capability, due to the wide range of motion and compound movements included in the workout. Unlike standard cardio exercise equipment, the entire body is focused on the exercise, causing the calories burned to progress at a faster rate. As your metabolism increases and you become more able to sustain high energy physical activity , you'll burn even more calories and build muscles along with increasing your endurance.

Rowing machines are expensive, but if you can't afford it many gyms have one. If you can book regular time on a high quality machine, you can achieve your fitness goals sooner rather than later. Of course, nothing beats having one of your very own!

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