Choose Your Running Music To Motivate You!

Good running music is one of the best ways to get motivated for a running workout . Having good tunes to listen to can make all the difference in having a low energy boring run, or having a high energy exciting run.

Different types of music actually alter the brain waves and can change your mood. Classical music has been shown to be relaxing and have positive effects on people. That is why it is recommended to play classical music while driving in rush hour traffic, or when studying for an exam. Music with a fast beat generally increases your energy. Familiar music that you know is a good motivator as well, by the time six of your favorite songs have played you will be done with your workout!

There are websites that you can download songs from that feature music sorted by its beats per minute (BPM). This is really handy because you can choose music based on your target heart rate, matching the beats per minute. The best way to determine and monitor your heart rate is to use a heart rate monitor . This is a device that you wear while running, and it measures the electrical impulses of your heart to determine your heart rate in beats per minute.

Low Intensity Music

If you plan to do a long distance run, or to run at a leisurely pace it is best to find beats that suits your purpose. The target BPM will likely be between 130 BPM and 160 BPM. Music with beats in this range is mostly top 40, rock and pop music. Perfect to listen to while you are out on an enjoyable jog.

High Intensity Running Music

If you are doing circuit training , which is intervals of low intensity running combined with high intensity sprints, you will want powerful and motivating music to get you through the tough sprints. The target BPM will likely be between 160 BPM and 180 BPM or higher. This type of running music is mostly electronica and euro trance dance music. Even if you don't normally enjoy this type of music, give it a try while you are running. The beats may just mesh with your rhythm and you could discover a new type of music to listen to!

If you are circuit training very intensely, you will probably reach your anaerobic threshold This is the point where your heart rate is at 90 to 95 percent of your maximum BPM. When this happens you are working as hard as your body can physically work. Some good motivating tunes will help you reach this point!

Mix It Up!

While it is great that we have the technology to make running music play lists with specific BPMs, in the end what matters is if you enjoy the music. Always adding new songs that you like will keep the run interesting and keep you looking forward to it. You can even put language lessons on your iPod if you find it motivating to learn while you run. Whatever works to get you out there on a regular basis!

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