The Speed bag provides outstanding fitness benefits.

What is a speed bag? If you are training to be the next famous boxing champion of the world or if you are just looking for a fun way to get sculpted, toned arms, the bag is a great tool. When you work out with these small portable punching bags, you are provided with many benefits. These include having fun, stress release, improved hand-eye coordination, a feeling of personal power, faster reflexes, increased arm and abdominal strength and endurance, and a great cardiovascular workout.

Using the bag is a great workout for people that have lower body injuries because it is zero impact on the lower body. Learning how to use the bag properly can be difficult at first, but with practice and a little patience, you will be impressed at your improvements and your skill!

Many gyms offer bags in their weights area, but few people use them because they do not know how, or are not aware of the benefits. With a little know how, the speed bag may become your favorite part of your workout routine! You can also purchase your own inexpensive bag for use in your home workout. These bags are also fairly portable and are easy to move around to different parts of your home if required.

How To Use A Speed Bag

Make sure the bag is at the proper height to give you the best workout and to prevent unnecessary strain on your body. The bag should hang at your chin level. If installing it at your home you will always have it at your correct height. If you are at the gym you may have to ask a staff member to help you adjust the bag.

To get into a 'fighting stance' it is the same as a regular sort of sports stance, where you are ready for action. Feet should be wide and you should feel sturdy. Keep your arms in front of your body. You will have to experiment with the distance from the bag that is most comfortable for you.

You can punch the bag either straight on or from the side. Experiment with different punch combinations using alternating hands. Be sure to watch out for the bag to swing back and have your hands up to block it from hitting you in the face! You can also get creative, use you elbows, and even throw in some kicks if you are flexible enough to reach the bag!

A great way to get used to using a bag is to take a lesson or visit a martial arts studio for a class. The instructors there are specially trained and they can help you to design a home workout program that will let you achieve your goals and enjoy the process while doing so! You can also purchase workout videos that will instruct you in a bag workout. These are very effective for pushing you out of your comfort zone and showing you techniques that you did not know were possible with a speed bag!

Above all, be flexible and open minded, and give the speed bag a try for great workout results that will put a smile on your face!

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