Stomach Exercises

by John
(Elgin, IL )

Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models get six pack abs? What sort of secret formula they use to have their perfect bodies and flat stomachs? It is really no secret how they do it, just a combination of knowing the right exercises to do, and doing these exercises in combination with a good workout routine.

Doing sit ups alone won't sculpt you a dream body, but they are an important part of any routine!

Step 1 – Chisel The Abs

Everyone has ab muscles, and they are all formed differently. The best way to get six pack abs is to do a combination of stomach exercises that target the top, bottom, and sides of the abs. Here is an example ab routine that you can do 3 or more times a week. Abs are a muscle group that can be worked every day, they do not need a day off to recover like most other muscles groups do.
• 50 regular crunches
• 50 reverse crunches
• 50 oblique crunches per side
Add this simple ab routine on to your regular workout routine and you will have abs of steel in no time!

Step 2 – Show Those Abs

Now that you know how to sculpt the abs, you have to lose belly fat to show the abs! This is achieved by following a healthy eating plan, and by following a good workout schedule where there are lots of calories burned. Its important to burn calories to get rid of the layer of fat that is hiding those abs! You can do 1000's of stomach exercises but if you don't get rid of the fat that is on top of your abs, you will never see those abs. Aim to do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 – 5 times per week.

Step 3 – Stand Up Straight!

One of the secrets to having a flat stomach is to have good posture. By standing tall with your shoulders back and tummy tucked in, you will immediately look 5 to 10 pounds thinner! This is an easy trick that models and celebrities use. If you look at photos of them, they all have perfect ballerina type posture. By keeping your tummy tucked in, it also continuously works your ab muscles, and teaches them to stay flat. You can practice this at home by walking around with a hard cover book on your head. This will force you to stand perfectly straight. Once you get used to this sensation you will certainly start to notice how most people have terrible posture, and how slouching actually makes your stomach stick out. You will never slouch again!

One SECRET Celebrity Tip

Here is a little known but great way to work stomach exercises into your day, without going to the gym. Whenever you are waiting in line – at the grocery store, bank, or sitting in your office or in your car during rush hour.... simply contract your stomach muscles and hold for a slow count of five. Then release and repeat. Do this whenever you think of it, and pretty soon it will become second nature to hold your abs in tight.

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