Use A Swimming Workout To Play Like A Kid While Burning Calories!

A swimming workout can bring back a sense of fun. Do you remember going to the pool as a child, and splashing around in the water all day long? Do you remember how much fun you had playing in the water. There is usually a swimming pool in every community, and you can choose if you would prefer to go during public swim time, adult lane swim time, or you can even take aerobics classes in the water! Doing any activity in the water is a great workout program because the water provides natural resistance to the muscles, so you are toning up without even using weights. Swimming workouts are also good for people with joint problems such as bad knees, because working out in the water does not place any stress on your joints. People that are recovering from injuries often start with swimming workouts to strengthen their muscles without straining their body.

Public Swim Time

If you have kids, or are a kid at heart, public swim time is a good option for you to check out. This is when the pool is open to the public of all ages, and there are usually lots of kids playing around in the pool. Sometimes a net is even set up for water volleyball. You can easily have 500 calories burned in an hour just by playing around in the water. If you bring your kids, play with them! It is amazing how much energy a child has, you will likely tire out before they do! Adult Lane Swim

If you prefer to do your swimming workout alone, then adult lane swim may be your best option. This is when all or a portion of the pool is divided into lanes, and people swim back and forth at their own pace. Swimming this way is a great way to tone your shoulders and arms. Or for more of a lower body workout you can use a flutter board to hang onto, and propel yourself through the water by kicking your legs and not using your arms at all.

Water Aerobics Classes

If you enjoy a group exercise class, and if you also enjoy swimming, then you will love water aerobics classes! The class size is normally between 10 and 20 students, with one instructor on land demonstrating the exercises. The moves are similar to regular workout classes but you will find that in the water some moves are much tougher! The classes normally last for one hour in duration, but you will find that the time flies while you are having fun in the water.

An Example Swimming Workout

Here is an example swimming workout that you can do in any pool:

• Warm up by swimming laps for 5 minutes

• Do 15 tricep dips on the edge of the pool

• Using a flutter board or the edge of the pool to hold on to, kick your legs behind you in a flutter kick for a count of 100

• Do 30 jumping jacks in the water

• Get out of the pool and then jump back in... do this 20 times!

Repeat this entire workout routine 3 times. You should feel tired but it will be fun!

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