Weight Gain From Exercise - How To Promote Or Prevent It

Weight gain is a topic that comes up naturally in any discussion about fitness. Some people want to avoid bulking up. They are worried that building muscle will make them look chunky. Others are looking to put on some pounds to make their physique more impressive. Here are some basics to help you plan a routine that gives you the body you want.

Do You Want To Build Muscle Through Exercise?

Lots of men (and many women) are looking to build large, well defined muscles. Weight gain is a normal side effect of this process. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat for the same volume - think cubic inches per pound. There are several tried and true practices to follow for increasing your muscle mass.

Start a serious resistance training program that challenges you without causing injury

Work on all your main muscle groups so each one can grow and increase your overall mass

• Change up your routine to keep your interest level high and your body alert

• Always allow for adequate recovery time after each workout - that’s when your muscles actually heal and grow

• Make sure your fitness nutrition is in order with an emphasis on plenty of protein, fiber, and fresh fruits/veggies

• Investigate safe, natural bodybuilding supplements

For Women Who Worry About Turning Into “Mrs. Incredible Hulk”

Are you concerned about getting too “built up” as you train for better physical fitness? If you haven’t really worked out much in the past, you may indeed build muscles in your thighs and calves just from hiking or in your arms from doing basic calisthenics like pushups. In order to tone muscles, you have to have something there to be toned.

Don’t worry that you will suddenly start bulging in weird places and stop fitting into your clothes. It is very unusual for women to bulk up significantly without deliberate, ongoing effort. This just doesn’t happen on its own since female testosterone levels are very low.

So, you don’t have to restrict yourself to cardiovascular exercise to stay lean and trim. When you look for a fitness routine, you should go for one that challenges you to become stronger, have more muscle endurance, and increase your flexibility.

If you are seeking weight gain, be prepared to change both your fitness nutrition habits and your weight lifting routine to specifically target this goal. Otherwise, just go for a well rounded program that will give you tone and shape while promoting overall wellbeing.

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