Using Weightlifting Equipment to Mix Up Your Routine

Weightlifting equipment can range from simplistic and inexpensive to complex and pricey – but it all serves the same purpose, to provide resistance to your muscles and increase muscular strength and endurance. This doesn't mean all weightlifting equipment is the same, however; different props and machines can target specific muscle groups. This is convenient, as most weightlifting routines encourage working a different set of muscles each day.

Free Weights

Dumbbells and barbells are excellent for building significant muscle mass in the upper body. Dumbbells in particular are inexpensive to obtain and can be used in exercises that stretch different muscles in different directions for a through workout. Free weights target arm and chest muscles, but are not as efficient for back and leg muscles.

Resistance Bands

These can be remarkably effective if used correctly, and have the advantage of being versatile enough to use in a number of different settings and situations where traditional weightlifting equipment might not be appropriate or convenient. Bands can be especially useful for exercising your back muscles, and are inexpensive.

Home Gyms

A multi-station home gym such as a bowflex is a safe way to get maximum strength and resistance training that targets each muscle group in your body on demand. You can give your legs, arms, back, shoulders, chest and abs a complete toning by varying the exercises done each day, and push yourself to the point of failure without the danger associated with weight benches and barbells.

Other Weightlifting Equipment

Most people forget that your body weight is also a valuable asset. When you do push-ups, sit-ups or chin-ups you are effectively lifting your own weight. You can use props such as a step, an exercise ball, or weighted gloves, wraps or belts during cardio activities to build muscle and increase strength.

Weightlifting equipment can be either a large investment or a small one, depending on your needs. If you have a gym membership and work out regularly on machines there, some dumbbells and resistance bands may be all you need. If you would rather invest your money in a home gym, you can engage in full body workouts daily in the privacy of your home. Finally, for serious bulking up of the arms and chest, nothing beats a weight bench- as long as you have a dependable spotter!

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