Use Weightlifting to Increase Muscle Mass

Weightlifting is one of the fastest ways to burn fat away and sculpt muscles. Lifting weights is one of the most common forms of anaerobic exercise; it requires short bursts of energy that are tightly focused on specific muscle groups. Lifting weights can increase muscular endurance and burn calories at the same time.

When used in conjunction with a sensible fitness nutrition program and regular cardio workouts, weightlifting can deliver amazing results. Every muscle in the body can be sculpted and toned using various types of weightlifting equipment - even your own body weight can be implemented in your routines to provide resistance and encourage muscle workout.

Basic strength training boils down to two core concepts - overload and progression. You have to use more resistance than your muscles normally encounter, and include enough reps in each workout that you have to fight to finish the final one in good form. In addition, you have to increase the weight you are lifting and/or the number of sets/reps on a regular basis.

You should also be specific in the changes you want to see taking place in your body. You can use weightlifting exercises to lose weight, build muscle mass, increase your overall strength, or any combination of the three. Finally, you have to allow rest and recovery time between strength workouts to let your muscles grow and adapt, so while you may do strength or resistance training every day, vary your routine to target different muscle groups.

Weightlifting Tips

. Always, always, always warm up before weightlifting. Forcing 'cold' muscles to lift weights increases the chances of tearing and other injuries. A light stretching session followed by ten minutes of cardio is a great way to get ready.

. Take it easy. You want to push yourself, not break yourself. If you are having to swing the weights or bounce to get them up, reduce the amount of weight you are using and increase your reps instead. You will still build muscle mass.

. Don't forget to breathe. You need oxygen for your muscles to perform at peak capacity. Breathing exercises are always a good idea, and can be incorporated into your stretching routine - yoga exercises often use measured breathing in tandem with various positions to increase oxygen intake.

. Use weightlifting equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells, exercise balls, steps and home gyms such as bowflex to vary your weightlifting routine. Again, the number of sets/reps is more important for beginner weightlifters that the amount of weight lifted, so start small and work long.

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